Opioid Agonist Therapy (OAT) is a rather potent treatment for people who get addicted to opioid drugs. Two basic opioid agonists are used in this therapy.

These are methadone and buprenorphine. These two primary medications work towards preventing your body to go in a withdrawal syndrome and reducing the natural cravings of your mind for opioid drugs.

Those who are addicted to different forms of dangerous and fatal drugs may opt for OAT to bring about a stability in their lives and to lower the possibility of any harm done to themselves due to their drug usage.

Types of OAT Treatments Available at 123 Walk-In Clinic

There are three primary types of OAT treatments that are implemented.

Methadone Maintenance Treatment

In the fight against opioid addiction, one of the most effective medications to be used is methadone and the treatment is known as Methadone Maintenance Treatment or MMT. This medication has been in use as the primary treatment for opioid use disorder for more than 50 years. If prescribed by an experienced health professional, it may prove to be both effective and safe for use.

Buprenorphine Maintenance Treatment

Just like methadone, buprenorphine is also used in the treatment of individuals who are dependent on opioids. The primary aim of Buprenorphine Maintenance Treatment or BMT is to overcome the withdrawal symptoms, reduce the risks of overdose of opioids, and suppress opiate cravings and effects.

Other Treatment Options

Apart from MMT and BMT, there are several other treatments that are implemented to cure people dependent on opioids. These include counselling, psychiatric consultations, and discussions with addiction medicine specialists.

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