We assist in the healing of souls and the saving of lives.

A Doctor Is The Beginning Of The Recovery Process

Our integrated Safe Supply program develops as per the British Columbia Centre. The purpose is for minimizing death risks due to overdosing as well as for addiction treatment.

We assist patients with their physical, psychological, mental, social, and spiritual ailments by interacting alongside them and taking a personalized approach to specific case situations with the help of safe supply.

What is Safe Supply?

Safe supply is a treatment strategy that focuses on saving lives by prescribing pharmaceutical-grade substances like opioids and stimulants to those who have the overdosing risk.

It does not include any opioid agonist treatments. For example, methadone, buprenorphine/suboxone, or slow-release oral morphine. It is because these medications lack the mind-body effects that people want with recreational drugs.

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