Virtual Clinic In Abbotsford, Canada


“In this article, we will explore the opportunities that Virtual Clinics provide to both the Healthcare organizations as well as to patients.

The advancement in technology and communication has brought down barriers between people belonging to different geographical locations (both nationally and internationally). This is coupled with increasing healthcare awareness which encourages working couples to opt for Telemedicine and Telehealth Services to overcome geographical barriers.”

#1: Virtual Clinic is a boon for patients who are living in remote areas, or staying away from their family and would like to receive treatment at home.

A virtual clinic is an answer to all the above-stated problems as it eliminates the hassles of travelling long distances for healthcare facilities due to any health emergency. In case of telemedicine, even though a patient is accessing the same as in previous methods but he gets access with privacy and convenience.

#2: Virtual Clinics are applicable for all types of healthcare services including Telehealth/Telemedicine, Telepsychiatry, Telecardiology & Teledermatology, Tele-ICU (Intensive Care Unit), and other medical specialties.

#3: The Virtual Clinics are cost-efficient as along with saving on the expenses of constructing a clinic it also reduces the transportation costs and saves time for both patients and clinicians working in the Virtual Clinic. Patients can receive treatment through any communication device which is affordable and cost-effective. Patients from rural areas can access healthcare facilities without having to travel long distances.

#4: The Virtual Clinic is economical for patients and also for the healthcare providers as it not only reduces the operating costs of a clinic but also eliminates recurring costs like utilities, rent, etc. which makes them more convenient for both parties.

#5: The Virtual Clinic is convenient as it comes with round-the-clock services along with being easy to access for both patients and clinicians alike.

#6: In addition to that, any patient can request a consultation from anywhere in the world at any given time which was not possible earlier through traditional methods of healthcare facilities.

#7: The Virtual Clinic can provide a secure environment to the patients as it keeps patient records and communications encrypted which improves data security. They are also more reliable than traditional methods in case of emergencies as they ensure immediate access by healthcare providers at any given time along with having 24*7 monitoring. It also allows better follow-ups on patient care.

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